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Huisgenoot Groot Blokraaiselboek 13 | Trivia & Quiz Books

Phanie Alberts

Thousands of devoted fans of Huisgenoot’s popular weekly crossword puzzles will be overjoyed that a brand-new selection of 60 large-format puzzles is available after a two-year break, although its predecessors, Huisgenoot se Groot Blokraaiselboek 10, 11 and 12 are still selling steadily

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Huisgenoot Groot Blokraaiselboek 13 | Trivia & Quiz Books

Author: Phanie Alberts
Category: Trivia & Quiz Books
ISBN: 9780798150651
Date Released: 12 August 2009
Price (incl. VAT): R 125.00
Format: Soft cover

About this author

Phanie Alberts

Phanie Alberts has been compiling the ever-popular YOU Blockbusters since the magazine was first published in 1987, and is known and trusted by crossword...


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