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In Bushveld and Desert: A Game Ranger’s Life | True Stories

Christiaan Bakkes

In February 1994 it made headline news: a young game ranger from the Kruger National Park was attacked by two crocodiles and lost his left arm. For Christiaan Bakkes, recklessness and an insatiable lust for adventure led to tragedy. Writing about his experiences a unique writer’s voice was born – a South African Hemingway. He published three collections of wilderness stories, of which a choice selection is offered here, as well as two novels.

At 42, Chris Bakkes has led the kind of life of which most people can only dream. After he recovered in 1996 he travelled through Africa for five months, worked for the WWF in the Kaokoveld in Namibia for three years and then joined a safari company conducting ecotours, first at the Skeleton Coast and now also in Damaraland. He and his wife both work for Wilderness Safaris Namibia; Christiaan as a guide and area manager. He also leads gorilla safaris in the forests of Uganda from time to time.

This fascinating account of the author’s life in several wilderness areas in Southern Africa, includes a photo section in colour.

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In Bushveld and Desert: A Game Ranger’s Life | True Stories

Author: Christiaan Bakkes
Category: True Stories
ISBN: 9780798149280
Date Released: 28 April 2008
Price (incl. VAT): R 330.00
Format: Softcover, 296 pp

About this author

Christiaan Bakkes

Christiaan Mathys Bakkes was born on August 3 1965 in Vredenburg on the West Coast. He matriculated in 1983 at the Pro Arte Art School in Pretoria....


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