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Vyf ses, skerp mes | Young Adult Fiction

Brigette Labuschagne

Vyf ses skep mes was one of the finalists in Human & Rousseau’s I’m a Writer competition, held in co-operation with Huisgenoot, You and Drum magazines, RSG Befonk and SABC Education. It is a tragic love-story set in the Sixties in District Six, amid the forced removals of that time. The main character, Abbi, is a gifted child from a poor family. As a young child she befriends the son of the minister of the Moravian church in District Six. Against all odds the friendship develops into a close connection and eventually into love. This relationship is experienced through the naïve perspective of the young, dreamy girl. Initially Abbi shows now comprehension at all for the fact that her relationship with the white boy might be uncommon and even undesired. It is especially the cold-hearted attitude of the boy’s mother, the snobbish Mrs Black, she is unable to fathom. But she is brutally thrown back to reality when her own father gives her a flogging because of her contact with the “whitey”.

In the meantime, her brother’s bitterness has grown into a self-destructing hatred. His opposition to social injustices and his teenage rebelliousness has made him susceptible to the seductions of crime. And eventually the almost unavoidable happens: The boy gets lured deviously into an ambush and killed.

The young Abbi’s world collapses with her beloved’s murder as her brother is apparently culpable. Not only does she lose her brother when he is arrested for the murder, but she learns that the Black family hold her accountable.

The narration is partly done through the perspective of a much older Abbi. The older Abbi is an established author, and she is capable to reflect, with the wisdom of years, on the consequences of the murder. She is able to tell how love eventually triumphed, and that her beloved Benjamin became, even after his death, the adhesive capable of mending separations and bringing people together.

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Vyf ses, skerp mes | Young Adult Fiction

Author: Brigette Labuschagne
Category: Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 9780798148771
Date Released: 02 September 2007
Price (incl. VAT): R 180.00
Format: Softcover, 120 pp

About this author

Brigette Labuschagne

Brigette Labuschagne is a 20 year-old sales assistant from Brackenfell, and Vyf ses, skerp mes is her debut novel.


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