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Ontdek: Die menslike liggaam | Children & Youth

Richard Walker

This book about space will give curious readers the chance to discover the wonders of the human body. It provides an insight on what goes on in the body, from the smallest cells to the systems that keep us alive. Children can discover how much blood the heart pumps, how many muscles are used when smiling and what the nose and ears look like on the inside. The content includes the body, myth, magic and medicine, study and dissection, microscopic body, inside the body, body's framework, inside bones, body's joints, muscle power, moving body, nervous system, brain, inside the brain, skin and touch, eyes and seeing, ears and hearing, smell and taste, hormones, heart, circulation, blood, breathing, lungs, eating, digestion, waste disposal, male and female, new life, growth and development, future bodies, timeline, find out more. The photos and detail in this book will spark any child's interest! 

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Ontdek: Die menslike liggaam | Children & Youth

Author: Richard Walker
Category: Children & Youth
ISBN: 9780798179560
Date Released: 20 October 2019
Price (incl. VAT): R 175.00
Format: Soft cover, 72pp

About this author

Richard Walker

Richard Walker trained originally as a zoologist. He gained his PhD in physiology and biochemistry, and taught both secondary school and university students for...


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