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Debora gaan huis toe (ePub) | Fiction

Helene de Kock

In this follow-up to Debora en seuns ‚Äčthe main character is Debora Schlagerfeldt’s namesake, i.e. her granddaughter, doctor Debora. She has just completed her final hospital year and has returned home to the Eastern Free State to join her father’s medical practice. But then she meets heart surgeon Tristan Murray . . .

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Debora gaan huis toe (ePub) | Fiction

Author: Helene de Kock
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 9780798176149
Date Released: 15 June 2017
Price (incl. VAT): R 310.00
Format: Soft cover, 384pp

About this author

Helene de Kock

Helene de Kock lives in Pretoria. She is married to Dr Jos de Kock and they have three children, Jaco, Herman, and Sylvia. Jaco passed away a few years ago....


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