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Eerste sprokies: Die lelike eendjie | Children's Fiction

Ballon Media , Kobus Geldenhuys (vertaler/translator)

Once upon a time, when animals could still talk, Mummy Duck lived on a beautiful farm. It was spring, the sun shone brightly and the grass was green. Under a forest near the river, Mummy Duck was sitting on five eggs and brooding. One day, four ducklings hatched, but the fifth egg did not hatch yet. A few days later, a big, ugly duckling is finally hatched out of the last egg. "You're not a duck!" Exclaimed Mummy Duck. "Who's your mum?"

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Eerste sprokies: Die lelike eendjie | Children's Fiction

Author: Ballon Media , Kobus Geldenhuys (vertaler/translator)
Category: Children's Fiction
ISBN: 9780798176415
Date Released: 20 October 2017
Price (incl. VAT): R 85.00
Format: Soft cover, 24pp

About this author

Ballon Media , Kobus Geldenhuys (vertaler/translator)

Ballon Media is a children's books publisher located in Anvers, Belgium.

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