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Takelwerk (ePub) | Poetry & Poetry Anthologies

Daniel Hugo

This accessible book of poetry by well-known RSG radio presenter and poet, Daniel Hugo contains poems that expose the reader to the poet’s world through the senses, but also through language. There is a playful element in many poems, skillfully combined with humour. The poems consider themes such as experience of the world captured between carpe diem & memento mori, poems about landscapes and the nostalgia of landscapes, nature and humankind’s place in the bigger scheme of things.

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Takelwerk (ePub) | Poetry & Poetry Anthologies

Author: Daniel Hugo
Category: Poetry & Poetry Anthologies
ISBN: 9780798169264
Date Released: 20 February 2015
Price (incl. VAT): R 210.00
Format: ePub

About this author

Daniel Hugo

Daniel Hugo (born 1955 on Stellenbosch) debuted in 1981 with Brekfis met vier, followed by poetry collections such as Die klein aambeeld, Verse van die ongeloof...


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