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Piet van Rooyen

Biographical info

Petrus Hendrik (Piet) van Rooyen was born on 17 July 1953 in Vryheid in KwaZulu-Natal. He attended school in Senekal in the Free State, but matriculated in Windhoek, Namibia, in 1971. His first volume of poetry from his school days, Draak op die erf, appeared in 1973. He studied anthropology, African studies and development management at Stellenbosch University, became a lecturer there and completed his doctorate degree in labour relations in 1983. He returned to Namibia in 1989 and later bought his own farm in the Gobabis district.

His first novel, Die spoorsnyer, won the Tafelberg/Sanlam/De Kat Novel Competition in 1993. He also received the CNA Prize for a debut novel for this work. Die olifantjagters appeared in 1997 at Tafelberg and this novel received the M-Net Prize in 1998.

Piet is currently a professor in political science at the University of Namibia.

Did you know?

· He accepted a position at the San Foundation near Tsumkwe in Namibia in the 1990s. He lived there with the San and passed on his knowledge about farming. Meeting Paul Chapman, philosopher, fencer and manhunter, here led to the writing of his first novel, Die spoorsnyer (1994).
· Piet's pastimes are spear-fishing and horse endurance races, and he has earned Namibian national sports colours in both.

Author bookshelf

Rodriguez, Human & Rousseau (2012) 
Human & Rousseau (2010)
, Human & Rousseau (2008)
Akwarius, Tafelberg (2005)


Winner of the De Kat/Sanlam Novel Competition (1993) – Die spoorsnyer
CNA Debut Prize (1994) – Die spoorsnyer
M-Net Prize (1998) – Die olifantjagters

List of titles

1973 Draak op die erf, HAUM
1983 Rondom ’n boorvuur, Tafelberg
2002 Goedsmoeds, Protea Boekhuis
2008 Kwansuis, Human & Rousseau

1994 Die spoorsnyer, Tafelberg
1995 Agter ’n eland aan: een jaar in Namibië, Queillerie
1997 Die olifantjagters, Tafelberg
2001 Gif, Protea Boekhuis
2002 Die brandende man, Protea Boekhuis
2005 Akwarius, Tafelberg
2010 Etosha, Human & Rousseau
2012 Rodriguez, Human & Rousseau

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